"I’m so busy."

"I’m totally overwhelmed."

"I don’t know who I am anymore."

"There is no space for me."

"Where has the time gone?"

"Where has my life gone?"

If you are finding that you are feeling buried under your to-do list and struggling to do the things you love or to get enough spaciousness to listen to your intuition and inner guidance, you are not alone.

I think one of the biggest challenges many people face is the feeling of having too much to do and the perception of not enough time to do it.

We put off what delights us, sometimes for years, until we discover we are burnt out, resentful, or simply lost.

Or we get caught in other people’s dramas, spend all of our energy and enthusiasm trying to fix the people around us, or find ourselves confused or discouraged in our relationships.

How do we course correct such an out of balance existence? How do we find peace in the chaos and clarity in the confusion?

I’ve been pondering these questions, and I’ll be sharing my insights in a free webinar, How to Get Empty to Get Full, on Wednesday, August 21st. There are two time choices to pick from:

12pm PT (Los Angeles), 3pm ET (New York), 8pm BT (London)
6pm  PT (Los Angeles), 9pm ET (New York), 2 am BT Aug 22 (London)

*I’m only doing this webinar twice live on August 21st, though it will be recorded.
* check what time the webinar will be in your timezone here: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/

*Everyone who registers for the How to Get Empty to Get Full Webinar will be added to HeatherAsh's Main Newsletter. 

During the webinar I will share tools to help you

  Create more Space, Peace, and Play in your Life

Empty out the Drain of Drama, Fear, and Frustration   

Fill up on the Nourishment of Integrity, Inspiration, and Insights

When you register for this free How to Get Empty to Get Full webinar you’ll receive three things:

  • The link of how to watch the webinar live via computer/ipad or to listen on your phone
  • A copy of the recording the next day
  • An immediate download of an audio meditation “Releasing Self-Judgment and Resistance
Even if you can’t join live you there will be a link to the recording, you just have to register. And if you can join us live I’ll be giving out a special gift on the live webinar… so do your best to join! Mark your calendar now (Wednesday August 21!!) and give this time for yourself for renewal and rejuvenation of your body, mind, and soul.

*Everyone who registers for the How to Get Empty to Get Full Webinar will be added to HeatherAsh's Main Newsletter.